Why is India one of the biggest consumers of internet pornography?

Countries are always vying to be the first or most prolific in many things. It is why you have the Olympics and other competitions. Yet some countries are earning top spots on things they may not be too proud of. Take porn for example, which is viewed by millions all over the world. According to statistics, there are three countries whose citizens watch more porn than any other. The countries are the United States, United Kingdom and India; respectively in that order.

The UK and US may not be a surprise to most people. However, India is for a large number of reasons. Everyone knows that United States leads the way in technology and their liberal views. The same for the UK since they line up right behind the US. But no one expected India to be one of the biggest consumers of pornography. After all, India is far behind in technology and has always been very conservative. Yet if you look online, Indian porn is at its highest levels ever. Millions of people from India are uploading private and personal porn videos to websites in record numbers.

Much of this has to do with the explosion of mobile devices. While most people in India cannot afford computers, they are able to purchase smartphones. The latter is allowing many who never had access to the internet or porn, to indulge like never before. You also have the popular porn star Sunny Leone. Many are crediting her for singlehandedly bringing the people of India to porn. Indian women and men all over that country spend hours upon hours looking at her pornographic images and videos. Keep in mind that pornography was always very highly frowned upon in India.

Still, none of that seems to matter to people who are able to see smut from remote places or anonymously. Indian women are now able to see for themselves certain sexual things they only dreamed about in the past. Sexual acts that were and are taboo, for example, can be enjoyed by Indian females and men. This is pretty much what happened with Asian porn videos and the people of China or that region. They too were always told not to ‘watch’ pornography. However, once they were able to do so privately, the floodgates were opened. 

Without a doubt, Indians are spending more time watching porn than most other people in the world. They are only second to citizens of the USA. A great feat for a country that only a decade ago, never really delved into pornography.


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